Our Story

If you have kids and loved ones then I know you worry about them when they leave your care and protection. We send our kids off to school, to the store, to college, or just home from a family gathering, and with the world the way it is today, we all worry if they got there safe.

How many times have you told your kids, friends, or loved ones to "Text me when you get there". We all have. Or how about the husband that is a policeman, fireman, or other public servant in harms way. It would be nice to have a fast and easy way to let loved ones know they are ok.
But, it can be hard to text everyone, or even 1 person, when you are dodging rioters.

Imagine your child having TMYO ready on their phone and being able to press one EMERGENCY button to have all of their TMYO contacts get a text WITH THEIR LOCATION on a map. I don't know about you but that gives me great peace of mind.

So, we invented TMYO to let loved ones press ONE BUTTON to send a text to one or more people all at once, and it includes a map with their location so you know for sure where they are.

I hope you enjoy our app and I hope it helps make your world a safer place.